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East goes west : Simon Broughton hears Taraf de Haidouks and Muzsikas, two of the best bands bringing East European music in our direction / Simon Broughton by
Material type: Article Article; Format: regular print ; Type of continuing resource:
Publication details: 1997
In: Folk roots Froots , (19) no. (2/3) 170/171 (Aug/Sept 1997), p. 47, 49
Availability: Articles in Periodicals (1)
The Bartok album / Muzsikás, featuring Márta Sebestyén & Alexander Balanescu. by
Material type: Music Music; Audience: General;
Publisher number:
  • HNCD 1439 Hannibal Records
Publication details: Hannibal Records, 1999
Availability: Items available for reference: VWML: Reference only (1)Location, call number: Storage SCD 457.

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