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Search Help

Keyword (default) search:

Keyword searches look for all the terms, anywhere in a record, and may return unexpected results.

  • Enter a word or multiple words in the search box to the left of the search icon. Use only the main terms of your query - words such as: the, and, is, was, an are ignored.
  • The more words entered in the search box, the fewer results will be returned.
  • Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard symbol to broaden a search by including words that begin with the same letters.  Eg. danc* will return dance, dances, dancer, dancers, dancing, danced.
  • Use the pull-down menu on the left (Author, Title, etc.) to limit the search to a particular type of information.
  • Once a search has been performed, results may be further refined by using the filters shown in the left-hand column.

Advanced search:
The advanced search form allows filtering by item type, date, language, format, location, etc., the sorting of
results, and the use of Boolean operators.

  • Use any combination of search fields and filters, none are mandatory, as long as at least one field or filter is used.
  • Once a search has been performed, results may be further refined by using the filters shown in the left-hand column.

Authority search:
Authority files link information together despite variations in spelling, nicknames, abbreviations, etc., and also disambiguate between similar terms.

  • The authority files most used in the VWML are Corporate names (musical groups, societies, clubs, etc.), Meeting names (festivals and conferences), Personal names (people), and Topical terms (Subject, or what the item is about).
  • Authority searches point to the correct (in bold) version of the term to use in searching the catalogue. The far right column in the authority search result will list the number of records that have this term. Clicking on the number will bring up these records.


  • A few catalogue records have links to digital contents, online publications, etc. but generally, this is a catalogue of physical items in the library, or in remote storage.
  • Items in storage will need to be requested from a member of staff.
  • Items in offsite storage must be requested at least a week in advance: email library@efdss.org or phone: +44 (0)20 7485 2206 ext. 233
  • For information on the scope and content of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library see History and collections.

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